Dr. E  is an author, coach, professor motivator that uses her life to help others become inspired and empowered for life success.  Anything she does is with the mission and goal to help others succeed, believe in themselves, dream big and live extraordinary lives.

She has a PhD and Masters in management and uses her education, experience and life to coach and mentor others to get from where they are to where they want to be. She has children’s books to help with self-esteem and financial literacy as well as a new book coming soon, to help others find online jobs even when they think no one is hiring.

Dr. E is the founder and visionary of the Just Like Us Early Literacy Program and Ladies of Literacy Campaign. The goal is to serve as a foundation for early literacy by getting children interested in books and reading by providing low income and the under served with multicultural books with faces that look like their own. Our goal is to:

Find out more about Dr. Edwards at http://www.drcarolynedwards.com



  1. Dr. E,
    I have taught as an adjunct for a community college for TEN years. I have been on three interviews for full-time positions in my field and two in a support staff (advising). I have yet to get close to getting a full-time position. I am an effective, good teacher and I know my content. I get good reviews from students but this has no merit in the hiring process at my school. The interviews are based on five to six questions given in the interview. The questions are rated by five faculty members on the interview committee. My question is how do I interview more effectively and are there coaches I can hire to help me?
    Forever Adjunct in AL

    • I can certainly coach you. There are many people seeking online teaching jobs, however there is a better way to go about it. I have been teaching solely online for the past 10 years and have first hand knowledge from hiring officials. I wrote a book Teach Online in 10 Simple Steps that include many of the best practices and tips to get your foot in the door. You can purchase the book and get coaching information at drcarolynedwards.com or call 786-309-1773. The book is also available at amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.http://www.amazon.com/Teach-Online-Simple-Noticed-ebook/dp/B0083JJG0A

      Get on pressing forward, I am happy to help. Sometimes it takes over a year to actually get a course but don’t give up.

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