Posted by: Dr. Carolyn Edwards | July 3, 2012

Ask Dr. E – Finding the Right Career: Choosing or Changing Career Paths

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Dr. E, I am considering changing my career field. I am currently a customer service representative but I always find myself giving people advice. I am really considering starting my own business and becoming a life coach. Is there a particular process/training that one needs to get involved in, so that one can become a coach? In addition to this, if and when this happens, how does one start practicing? Potential Coach in California

Dear potential coach – many times in life we don’t stay in the same job or occupation. I find that major life changes such as a death or birth can make you want or need a change, also advancing age, marriage or divorces have also been factors in the motivation to change careers. One suggestion is to make sure the new choice is something you truly will enjoy and are passionate about. This passion is what keeps you going through the career ups and downs.

There is a great article on the Awesome Jobs For You Site that gives advice on how to get the job you really want at It helps you look at your wants, needs and desires in order to help you discover what skills, experiences and attributes will be assets in the new career.

In terms of becoming a coach each person’s coaching journey is different. I have education and training as a PhD, however some have specific coach training and certifications like those provided through the International Coaching Federation while others might consider themselves a coach because of life/work experience like cooks, former addicts or executives. I suggest you search the internet on how to become a coach as well as get information on life and career coaching. This gives you a good place to begin to find out the requirements, skills, certifications, education, etc that might be required.

Good luck, Dr. E


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