Posted by: Dr. Carolyn Edwards | March 21, 2012

Teaching Online – Self Publishing One Way to Make Money Doing What You Love

Looking to Make Money Teaching Online?

Get tips, tools, advice and resources to  get moving in the direction of your dreams.

Many want to know how to get their names recognized as experts in the field.  Having recruiters call you is a great way to establish your online career. But how do you do that?

By creating tangible products demonstrating your expertise in your primary subject or the area in which you want to teach is a great way to get your name out there.

1. Self publish a book on the topic. There are quite a few vanity press and self publishing companies that will print your book. All you have to do is start writing. Googling self publishing is a great place to start and get information on various publishing companies.

2. Create a YouTube video of yourself giving a presentation on your topic.  Using this format, you can demonstrate the use of technology as well as your knowledge on the subject. The video can be short and answer specific topics or longer and include a lecture video.

3. Create a WordPress blog and post tidbits, tools, resources and information on your expertise in the particular subject. When people see information of value, they will comment and follow your blog. This will get you noticed. You can also respond to questions and give advice. This will demonstrate your  expertise and timeliness in answering questions.

4. Use all the above in your resume as experience of your ability to use current and relevant technology as well as effectively communicate your subject.

Are you in the Miami/South Florida Area?  Attend the Brunch With Authors Roundtable discussion. Get tools, tips, suggestions on how to become a published author.

I will see you there!!

March 31st, 10:00 a.m. in the Albert E. and Sadie B. Smith Conference Center at Florida Memorial University (FMU), 15800 N.W. 42nd Avenue, Miami, FL


As you consider your options and opportunities, remember teaching online is a journey and not a sprint.  Getting your name out there can be the catalyst to becoming employed, making extra money or receiving a well paying online teaching assignment.

Good luck!


Dr. Carolyn Edwards is an author, life/career management coach and graduate management professor.

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  1. Hello Dr. Edwards,

    Very beautiful picture and lovely site. May God continue to bless you as you keep moving in the directions of your dreams.


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